Hi there. Welcome to my blog. I’m pleased as punch you stopped by. I’ve even more pleased that you were intrigued enough to click the About tab.

This blog exists because I already have another blog. I like my other blog just fine. So does my family. In fact, I’m pretty sure my family comprises most of the readership. Because of this, I find I am censoring myself on Other Blog and not keeping it real, as it were. Being the version of yourself that your family thinks you are can be so tedious sometimes, am I right? So I started this one, where I can be real.

On Paint it Black (PIB, affectionately) you’ll find amusing anecdotes, witty stories about my life (many about those family members I mentioned before, who would probably be horrified to find their lives on the internet. Sorry family.), and all the weird shit that goes on in my brain. Fun times for everyone!


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