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Inside My Brain: Baby Registry

The following thought process was brought to you by the above. I was browsing on Amazon and said “Yes, I am a classy broad, I will put this on my wish list!” That’s when I noticed the ADD TO BABY REGISTRY button below that.

Begin thought process:

Add to baby registry? Is that new? When did that happen? Maybe they added it when they re-vamped their site a couple days ago. Or maybe not! Why isn’t there a wedding registry button, why just babies? Does Amazon know something I don’t? Oh my God, what’s that commercial? The one where that thing can predict whether you’re pregnant five days before a missed period? Was it an Amazon commercial? This isn’t a baby item! Why is Amazon asking me if I want this book for my unborn child? Maybe this is a sign. My child is going to be SO FREAKING CLASSY. Unsurprising. Look at it’s mother.

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